The revolutionary progression of Augmented Reality in our daily lives

It’s becoming more difficult to keep the consumer’s attention and therefore companies must constantly look for innovation in the way they communicate. From that ongoing search for innovation within communication, many new technologies come along and we actually start using some of them on a daily basis, sometimes without you even realizing it.

Augmented Reality is a concept that sounds very futuristic, but it is far from it. In this blog post we take a closer look at what Augmented Reality exactly is, how it’s already being used and what the benefits are. 

Augmented Reality or AR is an interactive experience in which the virtual world and reality are combined. You should of course not confuse Augmented Reality with Virtual Reality. With the latter, a virtual world is created in which the images you see appear lifelike. You are completely cut off from the real world, so that you can perfectly empathize in this virtual environment. This is usually done through the use of VR glasses (read more about our services related to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality here). It is different with AR: by means of, for example, a smartphone or tablet, you can add 3D objects in a realistic way in reality. You can then look at the placed object, physically walk around it and zoom in to view every single detail.

More and more you see that such technologies are used in our daily lives, just think of ‘Live View’ in Google Maps. They offer two views for their navigation feature: the 2D map and Live View. With the latter, your route directions are projected onto the real world via the camera of your smartphone. AR really became very mainstream with the hype surrounding the smartphone game: Pokémon Go!. For example, you saw people walking around everywhere with their camera pointed at ‘nothing’ to catch ‘Pokémon’.

Some other examples of AR that will sound familiar are Google Translate (eg  scans texts in another language and Google Translate will immediately translate this on your screen) and IKEA Place. With the latter app, you can place IKEA furniture in your living room or other areas to better visualize it and decide whether it would fit nicely into your interior. 

All these applications have as main reason to make life easier and more pleasant. Many companies such as IKEA have already discovered and applied the advantages of AR, and in this way can offer their customers an optimal experience.

VR and AR have been around for a long time, but have made great strides in recent years. These technologies have been so refined in recent years, thereby the quality has improved and multiple applications are possible. 

It not only offers opportunities for our own private or professional life, but it has already proved interesting for local authorities as well. Just think of culture, tourism, leisure experience, spatial planning and urban development. For example, plans for a new station square no longer have to be static, and future visitors can experience for themselves what this new environment feels like. 

It has already proven that these are interesting technologies for the security sector as well. This allows us to simulate certain situations such as a fire or accident, which can make an important contribution to the training of the fire service/police and raising awareness among citizens.

At P1 Studio, we strongly believe in these growing technologies and are happy to help you develop the 3D models you need for this. If you are not yet convinced, you can find a list of all the advantages below: –

  • Accessible: almost everyone has a smartphone and always has this in their pocket.
  • Improve online shopping experience by integrating AR in a webshop.
  • Professional design process: The product can be put together by the customer, what means an increase in customer loyalty.
  • Higher conversion: Customers make their purchase faster because they can see every detail lifelike, which results into a reduction of returns and a faster purchase decision. 

In conclusion, the possibilities are endless. 

Learn more about our services here or if you would like to discuss a project, you can do so below!

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